Continuing care with people who care

A strike can occur at any time, so it’s important to make sure you stay in the know when a healthcare facility needs help continuing to provide quality care during a labor dispute or personnel shortage. 

What we do

At Medical Solutions Strike Staffing, formerly known as Nurse Bridge, we’re committed to filling the gaps in staff during a job action—and that starts with finding skilled, licensed healthcare professionals dedicated to making sure patients receive the care they need. We don’t just put any candidate in any position, we work hard to carefully match experienced clinicians with appropriate roles in order to serve the best interests of all clinicians, patients, and healthcare facilities involved.

Benefits of working with us 

Top Money:
You’ll have the chance to make up to twice what you might make in a regular full-time position.  

Minimum Hour Guarantees:
We provide a compensation guarantee for a minimum number of hours of work per week.  

Travel Housing:
We pay for your ground and air travel expenses, plus we provide you with cost-free housing with easy access to restaurants and other necessities. 

Nurse Advocacy:
Our team nurse managers are your advocates with hospital administration to ensure fair and proper, fair treatment during your assignment.