Strike Nursing and Allied Health FAQs

We’ve got answers to all your how-tos and what nows!

Medical Solutions Strike Staffing, formerly Nurse Bridge, is here to support you and make sure that you have all the information needed for a job action. Here is a list of the most common questions we get about strike nursing and allied health jobs. 

Our policy is to place qualified candidates with completed profiles on the schedule first. So, if you’re interested in being chosen, please be sure to keep your file updated and respond very quickly when you get word that we’re recruiting for a strike! 

We will include you on the availability list at your request. You can get on the list by calling 866.792.0005 or by completing an application. 

File preparation and updating is an ongoing process. Our records department works diligently to process all data received and then notifies each candidate via phone or email if they need to complete any additional or updated items. 

Yes! Our clients are required to provide security at the facility as well as during transit. We also provide our own corporate security detail 24 hours a day at your housing location to help ensure your safety at all times. 

Whether or not you’ll need to get a new license for a job action depends on each individual job action and the location where it occurs. We reimburse licensing expenses for candidates with complete files who have been notified that they’re confirmed and on the schedule. We require a copy of any license(s) and the original receipt(s) in order to reimburse you. 

We provide shared hotel rooms at no cost to you — and we never house more than two employees in the same room.

We provide roundtrip airfare at no cost to you. We also provide all optional ground transportation and a tollfree cell number for you to contact our Director of Ground Transportation should you have any difficulties throughout the duration of the job action. 

Strikes typically require 48-60 hours of labor and 12 hours of orientation.

Unless the strike is for a predetermined time, we always ask for a two-week minimum commitment. 

We believe that every nurse and allied health professional is equally valuable, so we pay all employees the same rate within their specialtyWhile strike rates are consistently higher than regular rates, pay rates vary depending upon the location of the strike and various other factors. Please call and speak with a member of our Strike Staffing team for specific pay information for any particular job action.